Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fantasy Lineup for Make-Believe Cover Album

With all of the awesome hullabaloo surrounding the record this year, I've been doing a lot of fantasizing about a fluffy cloudland roster for the imaginary Daydream Nation tribute/cover album that lives in my head.

Following is the current working lineup:

1. "Teen Age Riot" by Pavement during Wowee Zowee sessions, with Liz Phair, in her Exile/Whip Smart days, doing Kim's vocals from the intro
2. "Silver Rocket" by Wire circa Pink Flag after doing a bunch of speed
3. "The Sprawl" by Autechre (Tri Repetae era) with vocals from Nico (post-heroin)
4. "'Cross the Breeze" by Royal Trux (1991)
5. "Eric's Trip" by Leonard Cohen with Nirvana: So he can concentrate on extracting feedback from his guitar, Cobain relinquishes vocal responsibilities to Leonard.
6. "Total Trash" by David Bowie (Scary Monsters period) backed by T Rex (1972)
7. "Hey Joni" by the Beach Boys (Pet Sounds outtake)
8. "Providence" by Godspeed You Black Emperor
9. "Candle" by The Sea and Cake, before the release of Oui, but after the release of The Fawn
10. "Rain King" by Tool (!!!)
11. "Kissability" by The Slits
12. "The Wonder" by Rocket From the Tombs
13. "Hyperstation" by Radiohead with London Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus
14. "Eliminator Jr" by Boredoms (1992)




Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew,

I'm a fact-checker with San Francisco magazine and we're running a piece about Sonic Youth that mentions your recent book about "Daydream Nation" and I have a couple questions about the book and yourself to confirm that we have all of our facts straight. Do you think you could email me at sfresearch3*at* and we can go from there? Sorry for posting this on your blog...I don't know how else to reach you.

Anyway, thanks, and hope to hear from you,

-Henry Jones

Anonymous said...

Hey -- are you the infamous "Thieu" who was last seen in Walla Walla in the 90's? This is heidi--get in touch with me!


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