Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Book Enters World!

Alright, people! My little Sonic 33.3 book has been loosed upon the world and she's ready, come what may, for your incisive critical assessments, ruthless deconstructions, and sharp-eyed errata inquests!

It was a bumpy delivery, but she's got most of her toes and fingers and, certainly, her ticker is in the right place. Go easy on her, friends, as she's still a little tender from birthing complications.

Any corrections/peevements? Voice them here or, better yet, send them to my publicist. (Her kindness and enthusiasm is my secret weapon against any surprise attacks! *Thanks Wendy*)

Note to you Youth freakers out there who dwell within the harder-core regions of the Greater Sonic Universe: you will absolutely take issue with some of my interpretations/representations of the record's tracks and lyrics. Which, of course, is very ok. As I'm sure you'd all agree, part of the fun/point of Sonic Youthing derives from sussing out different layers of meaning in/ways of listening to their music. And given that, I look forward to many delightful hermeneutic throwdowns with all of you.

Let's fight about Sonic Youth songs!

Thanks everybody. I hope you dig it...


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