Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007: Nonstop Daydream

It appears as though the Universe has ordained 2007 as the Year of Convergence of All Things Daydream. Apart from the release of my 33.3 volume, rumor has it that Daydream Nation will get the deluxe reissue treatment sometime later this year. And (this next bit is as unconfirmed as it is exciting) there's been talk of Sonic Youth scheduling a few "special engagement" live shows wherein they play DN in its entirety.

Add the likely admittance of The Sonics into the Rock Hall of Fame and you're talking some crazy, nutzoid, wowzer type year for Youthery.

I guess '07 is the year the Universe smiles upon those who make bold-n-beautiful rackets!


(ps- The image above is the cover of the Russian vinyl release of Daydream--which, inexplicably, included a version of the album that had been chopped down from its original 2xLP length to fit on a single record. The cover features a weird photographic approximation of Gerhard Richter's oil-on-canvas candle image from the US/UK release.)


Andrea said...

I did a double-take when I saw that cover. It seemed eerily similar and yet completely WRONG —like a bizarro world photocopy. I was lucky enough to see Richter's original painting a couple of years ago and the careful, graceful subtleties are just breathtaking. That cover, however, is just stark and somehow garish.

I'm seeing SY tomorrow night. I will pray they start the DN performance cycles a little early...

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with Andrea (stark, garish) but what is amazingly eerie is that the flame still does this tiny tip to the left.