Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Decisive Victory in 33.3 Cover Throwdown

With condolences to all of you Novemberists out there--the Bricks have won the Sonic Book Cover Tournament. We've pulled the trigger on the red version, and the book is at the printer as I type.

If you November people want to get mad at anyone, get mad at Sonic Youth (except you can't get mad at Steve, as he was on your side from the beginning): they voted overwhelmingly (well, 3:1) in favor of the brick.

Thanks for your help! I was beside myself over how articulate you all were in your arguments for or against each option. Here are a couple choice excerpts, each of which reflects how traumatizing this decision was:

Bill Hitchner (Seattle, WA) wrote:

"I'm feeling November--the nom de couleur alludes to the oxidized beauty of decay encapsulated in the wistful auricles within. Brick on the front is very tight, and that back cover wants to hurt me. You don't want to hurt me, do you? Although November is a bit staid, I don't think you need to go for glaring sexiness. Maybe sober package needs to belie the spurt contained between its cloth? [But] the brick is very nice. It's like the pink esophageal mucus of a nubile pixie. Fuck staid and sober! Go for the throat!"

From Al Schneider (Valencia, CA):

"Oh shit, I'm confused too. All my design sense says November, especially since it matches the candle. The downside is that it also blends in with my memory of EVERY 33 1/3rd book I've seen, and it's kind of bland like a text book. The brick reminds me of strawberry ice cream, and it's not a color I would associate with that album, however it jumps out a bit more. The first is definitely more elegant. I also like that, on November, your name is bracketed between the black text for Daydream Nation and the black Continuum logo, whereas, on the brick, both your name AND the logo are brick colored (which was the right choice in both cases). But your name is bolder on the second cover. JESUS CHRIST!!! Now I'm thinking the second one is better. Just shoot yourself!"

Well, thanks to all of you, there are no bullets in my brains today, and we have a brick hued Daydream tome en route to bookstores around the world!

Thanks for reading!


Sean Nelson said...

Brick obviously rules.

KATE! said...

Congrats on your cover + book! I'm writing the Rid of Me 33 1/3 book and the first version of my cover just appeared magically on amazon. it's good to know that i can engotiate color! i'm very much looking forward to reading yours...

Anonymous said...

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